Parkwind, offshore green energy.

Parkwind N.V. was founded in 2012 based on our conviction that wind energy is the key to a sustainable future.  We want to create scale and accelerate green energy policies through the development of offshore wind energy projects, something we have learned to do in our unique 360° approach.

Our mission is to make offshore wind energy available and affordable for everyone.

In the space of a few years, Parkwind has become globally recognized for its technical and business expertise as well as its shareholders commitment towards a sustainable future.  As one of the few companies that finances, develops and operates its wind energy farms, we have managed to expand our operations internationally with rapidly growing teams based in Belgium, Ireland and Germany.

Parkwind currently operates four windparks that have a total of 771 MW of production capacity. They are located approximately 38km off the Belgian coast, in a 200km2 zone established to promote offshore wind energy development.

While establishing our base in Belgium, our ambitions have also turned to Germany  and Ireland  creating an additional pipeline of up to 1 GW.  Overseas, new partnerships are set to continue Parkwind’s global growth and reinforce our position as  the preferred green energy partner of communities, governments and suppliers.

With 1.8 GW installed and under development, Parkwind has the ambition to grow further not only in Europe, but globally too.

Parkwind’s activities also include several R&D ventures in partnership with universities and public institutions. Ranging from material science innovations to multiple ventures in using hydrogen as energy storage and a mobility solution.  We look to improve and contribute to the available technologies. Parkwind is a 360° offshore energy company, present across the full value chain of offshore wind.