Thursday, May 3, 2018

Northwester NV signs contract with Bladt Industries A/S

Bladt Industries has entered into a contract with Northwester NV for the delivery of a complete and fully installed substation to the forthcoming Belgian project Northwester 2 Offshore Wind Farm. The contract is a turnkey contract (EPCI contract), which includes everything from design to final installation.

With the overall responsibility for the entire project, Bladt has entered into a close cooperation with their long-term cooperation partners Semco Maritime, who will be responsible for the electrical systems and ISC Engineering, who are responsible for carrying out the structural design.This is the third time Bladt Industries with Semco Maritime and ISC as partners is to deliver a complete substation to the developer Parkwind. In 2013, the Northwind substation was delivered and only three years later, Bligh Bank – both projects as EPCI contracts.The substation will be delivered in the third quarter of 2019, which is 17 months from entering the contract to completion.

“We are proud of the trust Parkwind shows us by placing yet another order at Bladt. Throughout the first two projects, we have had an absolute positive cooperation, and we are sure this excellent cooperation will continue on the Northwester project. Our previous collaboration will contribute to an efficient execution of the project” says Troels Jensen, Senior Vice President, Bladt Industries.

“With 22 offshore substations on the reference list, the key to our success must be found in our many years of experience, competencies and very extensive know-how within the field. It is important that we always benefit from our experience, and that we continuously build on our experience and optimize the processes, ” says Klaus Steen Mortensen, CEO, Bladt Industries.

“We are pleased that we again have the opportunity to work closely with Bladt, and with this project we have the full potential to take full advantage of our engineering skills” says Frank Holm, Vice President, Semco Maritime.

NorthWester 2, controlled and developed by Parkwind NV. Parkwind is the leading owner and will be in charge of, among other things, the construction of the park including the substation. The substation is expected to have a total weight of 1,000 tons. The park will be installed in the Belgian part of the North Sea about 46 km off the Belgian coast. The park will have a total of 224 MW.