Parkwind is currently operating three windfarms in the North Sea, with its fourth park opening in early 2020. This will bring the total current operating capacity to 771 MW.

Parkwind’s international expansion will allow for a doubling of capacity by 2023 with international projects in Germany and Ireland.

With offices opening in North America, we are setting the stage to become a green energy partner globally.

Have a look below at what we have done and what we are working on.

North Sea Wind Cooperative

Parkwind has launched a civil participation initiative by creating North Sea Wind, a cooperative structure with a goal to raise up to 20 million euros to support offshore green energy projects and  increase people’s awareness of sustainable energy sources. The initiative is limited to Belgian residents.  More information below in Dutch and French: NL: PARTICIPEER IN […]

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Arcadis Ost I

Located approximately 19 km northeast of the island Rügen in the federal state Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Awarded in April 2017, Parkwind’s turbines will cover an area of 29km2 adding 257MW to Germany’s expanding offshore installed capacity (6.38GW Dec’18). With soil investigations well on their way, the financial close of Arcadis Ost I is expected in 2021. […]

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Oriel Windfarm

The Oriel offshore wind farm is located approximately 22km off the coast of Dundalk and will be the first offshore wind energy project in Irleand. It will power the needs of approximately  280,000 households. Development of the project began in 2003 however Parkwind entered the project in September 2017. Since then, Parkwind has entered a […]

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Northwester 2

Parkwind’s latest project has been completed in May 2020. It has been installed with with 23 Vestas 9.5MW V164 turbines, the biggest commercially available wind turbines. The wind farm can provide an equivalent of 220,000 households with green energy.    

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50 turbines make up this wind farm located 47km from the coast and cover an area of  18km2. The output of Nobelwind is powering up to 190,000 households. This third project secured Parkwind’s leading role in the Belgian North Sea.

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Parkwind’s second wind farm is located 37km from shore. The 72 turbines supply green energy for an estimated  250,000 households.

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